Back when Malta built cars

Yep for all of the youngsters our there who may not know this, Malta used to build cars back in the day, and I’m not talking about the epic failure of the AC Cobra plant in the early 2000s, this was an actual functioning assembly line.

Back in the 60s Mizzi Group opened a car manufacturing plant in Marsa called, Car Assembly limited, which manufactured several cars, including;

  • The Austin Mini
  • The Triumph Herald
  • The Alfaromeo AlfaSud
  • The Hillman Minx/Hunter
  • The Morris Marina
  • as well as their own version of the Commer Van, the Rover P6 2000, and Austin-Morris 1100/1300

The plant operated remarkably well, and manage to export vehicles to countries such as Tunisia and Israel. However with the slow demise of the British Leyland and the increase in competition within Europe amongst dealers and manufacturers alike, the plant officially closed its doors in 1981.

Below you can check out some of the images we managed to find hidden in the interwebs.


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5 thoughts on “Back when Malta built cars

    1. There were a lot of Triumphs built here, even a GT6 convertible which is still on the road. But the list was too long to put here 🙂

  1. Also the Diesel version of the Morris Marina was built in Malta. Very rare car today. I don’t know if this car was assembled anywhere else in the world. It had a BMC 1500cc engine and 4 speed gearbox. Still a couple alive and well in Malta I believe.

  2. Still have the newspaper of the launch of the first Hillman Hunter ( Kaccatur ) . It was white with red upholstery with No. 42694 bought by Wilfred Desira Buttigieg.

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