Rare barn find: A 4×4 Mustang

Any car enthusiast loves a good barn-find story, but this one certainly takes the peculiar biscuit.

A one of a kind 1970 4×4 Mustang has been found buried in a barn after almost 30 years in the Netherlands.

The sellers stated that the pony featues a unique Ferguson Research four-wheel-drive system.

Back in the day Ford had commissioned the British company to build a prototype 4×4 Mustang coupe in 1964 for evaluation. However the sheer cost of the 4×4 system was deemed too high and eventually the project was scrapped all together, but one pony made it out.

Ferguson never gave up and the technology was later featured in the Jensen Interceptor, starting in 1967.

Even without this four-wheel-drivetrain, this stang is a rarity. Assuming its engine is stock, it’s one of the only 379 convertible Mustangs built that year with a 351 V8 and automatic transmission.

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It seems like Mustang wanted to build an all weather Mustang, however they realized at some point that their clients won’t be able to do rolling burnouts in public making owning a Mustang redundant.

This piece of history is up for grabs on this website.

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