The ten ugliest cars ever made

Some cars have a timeless design, and are an aesthetic blessing to those who lay eyes on it, however there are others which are basically a heap of crap put together in the most miserable and offensive manner. When said cars cross my path, one question pops up, who the Fudge green lit this project?!

Here is my personal top ten list of the world’s ugliest cars

10. The 2006 Ssangyong Rodius


Ssangyong isn’t renowned for anything, except for their bleak car line and their utterly tasteless design. But the Rodius is something else; from front to back, their isn’t an inch of this car which photographs well.

9. The 1975 AMC Pacer


A fish bowl on wheels… but even sadder than that, perhaps a fish bowl filled with piss.

8. The Reliant Robin


Not only is the design flawed by the fact that this car spends most of its time on its side, but for god’s sake did it have to look like a door stopper?

7. The 2012 Mitsubishi i-Miev


The fact that it’s an electric car is already cringe worthy, but the fact that Mitsubishi actually conceived this design alongside Peugeot and Citroen, really explains the disastrous aesthetics.

6. The 1956 Tatra 603


A rear mounted air-cooled V8 is already a bad idea as it is. Fitting it in this miserable heap of metal is just ludicrous.

5. The 1995 Ford Scorpio


No words describe the ugliness of this car. It’s like it was conceived at Ford’s headquarters in an office filled with feces throwing monkeys.

4. The 2000 Hyundai Coupe


The original Coupe wasn’t really a beautiful car, but at least it didn’t look half as bad as the face lift version, which unfortunately enough, can be still seen roaming our roads.

3. The 1996 Suzuki X90


This car looks like a god damn flip flop. The only way this car could look better, is at the bottom of the sea, tied down with cement blocks just in case it decides to float back to shore.

2. The 2000 Fiat Multipla


You all knew this car would have made it to the top. From head to toe, this car is a disgrace. It is an offence to all that is sacred to man kind, and anyone who bought it or thought about buying it, should be skinned alive. The only reason why I think Fiat ever made this, is to see if there are actually people who’d buy it.

1. The Pontiac Aztek


Well I reserved the number one spot for a car synonymous with AMC’s Breaking Bad. A car clearly designed by a miserable person with no sense of shame. Looking at it makes you feel depressed about the fact that you live in a universe were the Aztek exists, and owning it will probably drive you to an early death.


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